Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How bodies work

"There's human people that live in your body, there is because I know there is. They live in your body because they are servants doing everything the brain tells them to do. The brain is the master human."

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Figure and Ground

Refigure yourself, hurrying down the corridor,
past the shadowy objects. Too late
to name anything now. It’s all spoken for.

The chair in the hallway speaks for itself. 
"You are not alone," it says. "The purpose of things
is not the meaning of things." This is a recording.

Into the garden then, where what lies lost is overgrown:
the other chair, wild with the language of soil,
the message is the matter. A fistful, a bowlful.

The birds are thoughts that the trees are having,
each one a variation on a theme. Hurry on,
through the garden and out of the gate.

This is where the fields are endless,
a strawless yellow, days without texture,
vanishing, this is where I leave you.

Sunday, August 09, 2015


Is a way back in to what you know, to find the knowledge
lost inside the self, the thing you know that you don’t know
you know, you must go back to the source, re-source the source,
re-turn to what you’ve already turned to and from and into.

Search and re-search, follow your own footprints
along the muddy track, beside the path is the place
that you don’t go: swill of water, the waste, the waste,
the memory of what we all turn from, darkness, the first un/known.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mr Know Everything

"How do people make these?" Avery is holding bubble mix in a plastic container on a string.
"I don't know."
"Does Daddy know everything?"
"No one knows everything. Most people have a few things they know really well, and some things they know a little bit about."
"You know who knows everything? Know Everything Man. He's my friend. You can't see him because he's invisible."
"Great! Why don't you ask him how it was made?"
*mutter mutter* "He says it's made of pavlova."
"Oh. I'm not sure Mr Know Everything is completely reliable."
"He told me it was made of pavlova, so I told everyone it was made of pavlova."

I buckle Avery into his seat. "I love you," I say, kissing his cheek.
He wraps his arms around my neck and holds tight. "I love you"
"That's nice," I say. "We are in love."
Avery laughs. "No. No we're not. We're not in love."
"Oh, why? I love you and you love me?"
"Because you can only be in a wedding to be in love."
"Are Daddy and I in love?"
"No! You aren't in a wedding."
"But we're married. We had a wedding."
"But now you're not."
"What are we."
"You and Daddy love each other, but you're not in love."

Monday, April 13, 2015

Your face

Me: Do you want me to cut your hair?
Avery: (mind blown) Are you a hairdresser?
Me: Well, I've cut kids' hair before.
Avery: Are you a hairdresser as well as a library book?

Avery: Una, Una I've got something to tell you.
Una: Yes?
Avery: Your face.

Avery: You know why I don't like them? You know the taste of them? I don't like that.

Avery: And even I don't like my dad because he's not (Avery does air quotes) "serious".

Friday, February 06, 2015

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean: Event

Come see me in the real life, talking about this book.
‘You know that phrase, making memories?’ Lyss asks. ‘Well, if I was going to make a memory. I’d knit it.’
‘It depends on the memory,’ I say. Some memories are still and certain; some are as alive and as impossible to catch in your hands as water.
‘It depends,’ says Jessame, ‘whether you want to remember or forget.’‘I’d draw on a blackboard. The most amazing, vivid, beautiful picture, my whole life in one big swirl,’ says Bonnie. ‘Chalk dust flying everywhere.’Lyss smiles.‘Then I’d rub it all out again,’ Bonnie says. We are all quiet for a minute. She asks, ‘What do you think will happen to them, my memories? I mean, what a waste. Don’t you think? What’s the point of them?’Jessame walks out of the room. Sometimes it gets too much. Sometimes one of us just can’t handle it, but we never break down in front of Bonnie.‘I’d knit it,’ Lyss says again. ‘I’d knit the whole history of human memory. And if I made a mistake. I wouldn’t frog it. I’d just keep knitting. I’d make the knots and holes part of the fabric.’
Jessame comes back, pink around the rims of her eyes. She clinches Bonnie in a fierce hug and says, ‘Memories are old news, babe. Over and done with. Who cares? You can’t hug a memory.’‘You okay?’ Bonnie whispers to Jessame and the question kills me. Jessame holds her and holds her.‘What colour?’ I ask Lyss.‘Black,’ she says, knitting. ‘With silver sparkles. Stretching out forever, like a night sky.’‘I’d wear that,’ I say. ‘I’d totally wear that.’
From What A Stone Can't Feel

EAT THE SKY,DRINK THE OCEAN, is a unique collection of sci-fi and fantasy writing, including six graphic stories, showcasing twenty stellar writers and artists from India and Australia:
Isobelle Carmody, Penni Russon, Justine Larbalestier, Margo Lanagan, Lily Mae Martin, Manjula Padmanabhan, Kate Constable,Priya Kurian, Mandy Ord,Kirsty Murray, Nicki Greenberg transport you into dystopian cities and other worldly societies with stylish stories, poems, playscripts, fractured fairy tales and futuristic TV cooking shows.
"The tapestry of Eat The Sky, Drink The Ocean weaves in issues of food security, environmental destruction, class barriers, social justice and human rights to create lustrous narratives.... this anthology stands out for plucky writing and bold imagery"
Co-editor Kirsty Murray, author of over twenty books and anthologies including India Dark, The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie and the Year It All Ended, will chair an audio visual presentation by a selection of contributing authors and graphic artists
Mandy Ord
Penni Russon
Nicki Greenberg
Kate Constable 
UNMISSABLE for avid readers 14 plus looking for the next best sci-fi, fantasy read.
Date: Sunday Feb 22nd
Time: 4.00pm for 4.30pm-6.00pm
Venue: Eltham High School, Withers Way, Eltham
Cost: $20.00 includes a signed copy of the book or a $15.00gift voucher, authors's presentations and Aussie Indian treats.
Prepaid, early bookings are essential: 94398700

Avery wakes up the moon

Avery wakes up the moon

says, 'I'm not scared'

The moon is old and kind

I should write a poem about it

Thursday, February 05, 2015

the cake the cake

Don't open the oven
          or the cake won't rise
Do not weep
          or the cake won't rise
Don't talk back
          or the cake won't rise
Don't be frightened
          or the cake won't rise
Shush, quick hide!
          or the cake won't rise
Cover your eyes.
          the cake. the cake.